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⃰ OnLine services require additional monthly setup and service charges, not included with ShowRunner™ System

ShowRunner’s™ revolutionary capabilities are part of a proud legacy of groundbreaking technological developments. In the mid 1990’s, a team of Hughes satellite engineers banded together to develop mobile wireless networking technology for the motion picture and television industry, and ShowRunner™ was born.

ShowRunner™’s patented wireless communication technology allowed the producers of movies like the Harry Potter series, Spiderman, Troy, Blackhawk Down, and many others to share dallies between their on-location sets and the production studios in Hollywood. Today, everything from the wifi on airliners and cruise ships to the hotspots in our phones, utilize this patented technology. For over a decade, MediaPOINTE® has been manufacturing cutting edge video streaming and recording systems based on its patented automation technology for the education, corporate, and defense industries. Now, these technologies have been combined to develop completely automated, fully wireless systems that can capture any event, broadcast it live, and publish it online in minutes.

ShowRunner™ does the job of on-site production staff, graphics artists, post production engineers, and website developers … all automatically! … and so affordably, it doesn’t make sense not to capture every meeting event you hold! ShowRunner™ systems capture, produce and publish your events online* automatically. No cabling, no editing, no network to connect to. Best of all, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Enter a few pieces of information about your event on the wireless touchscreen and ShowRunner™ takes care of the rest. Seamless Effortless Automated